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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tuscon Tragedy: How medicine failed us.

As an Arizona healthcare professional, I have watched the Tucson tragedy unfold in absolute horror and disgust; knowing in my heart that the medical profession and government have largely failed in this situation. The terrible loss and injury of our fellow citizens saddens me beyond words. May our prayers comfort those in need at this time.

As the politically motivated continue to look to blame one another, I find their blame misplaced and only aimed at political gain. There is a much larger issue and one closer to the actual cause.

If we look at the underlying pathology that affected the perpetrator of this senseless event, it is evident that he had a significant mental disorder which became fueled by substance abuse. In addition, there were many opportunities by multiple folks and institutions to intervene. This didn’t need to happen……..

I have clinically witnessed numerous times, young males who engaged in substance abuse (especially depressants and hallucinogens such as marijuana and Salvia Divinorum) who lose their “natural” serotonin which can cause mood disorders or worsen one that is already present. These substances lower testosterone and ultimately cause gonadal failure resulting in lowered libido, infertility, weight gain, cardiovascular events and muscle atrophy. The less known affects of testosterone include mood stability and coping mechanism which are all augmented by serotonin receptors which require testosterone to properly fire. Both males and females, through normal aging, lose testosterone which causes a decrease in mood and coping. If one abuses marijuana or other illegal substances, the body slows it natural production of testosterone even further. And it the abuse is in a younger person, the mind never develops properly and these deficiencies can be further exaggerated.

No matter what side a person sits on the marijuana debate, I believe, we can all agree that these types of substances, are unhealthy for the developing mind.

Simple medical blood tests or intervention could have prevented such a decline. Unfortunately, there are so many stigmas associated with mental decline or suffering and a lack of funding to help support people with such difficulties. The avenues made affordable are when the crisis has reached an extreme, requiring involuntary lockdown, or tragic conclusions such as this.

Mood disorders are often exempt from insurance policies or the actual cause of denial of insurance in the first place. People are afraid to admit they need help or when they do find the resources, they are minimal or they are treated with disrespect at the best or as “crazy”.

So few clinicians are willing to look deeper or take the time to listen to patient. This takes time and effort. Also, most providers do not understand the role of hormones such as testosterone and other underlying treatable conditions exacerbating the mood disorders. To make matters worse, their attempts to “fix” the problem through anti-depressants may only make matters worse. Selective Serotonins Re-uptake Inhibitors (SSRI’s) are known to cause sexual dysfunction but most clinicians and patients are unaware of the underlying mechanism. This side effect comes from an increase in Serum Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) which causes a lowering in free testosterone. This decrease’s a patient libido and sexual function. But, as I stated above, there is more to testosterone than libido. It also causes a decline in serotonin which makes mood and coping worse.

These drugs may temporarily make the patient feel better, but over time, the decline in testosterone results in worsening of mood and an exacerbation of the underlying mental condition. It becomes a vicious cycle which often results in the providers increase the doses or adding other medication further making matters worse. If they were aware of this effect, they could work to avoid this and help their patients.

In this case, this young man had an underlying mental condition which presented with paranoia, depression, anger and psychotic breaks. Then he likely tried to self medicate these delusions with mind altering substances.

On many occasions, the people he encounter during his primary and secondary education, failed to make a proper assessment and only passed him onto others hoping that “it would just go away”. He was not only showing mood instability but also evoked fear in others. This should have been report to agencies or at the very least prompted a psychological evaluation. The college he attended wanted him to have an evaluation in order to be accepted back but what about other institutions unaware of this or the unsuspecting public. We have mechanisms in place to attempt to stop people from drinking and driving. You would think that threatening violence such as this in a public forum would require some consequences. We can find away to balance civil liberties while protecting the public from “high risk” individuals who appear to be crying out for help.

These miss-steps led to a deadly cocktail of delusions, with no place to seek help, lack of authority to intervene and opportunity. This ultimately caused this tragic event. I only can hope we can learn from this. “The immediate future is going to be tragic for all of us unless we find a way of making the vast educational resources of this country serve the true purpose of education, truth and justice. “
(Anne Sullivan Macy)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

"Why Can't I Lose Weight"

Everyday I hear this from my patients.......both men and women. They work out, they eat right and all their efforts seem to be in vain. This becomes very frustrating and depressing.

So what is going on? Why do our best efforts go unrewarded?

This gets back to hormonal balance; particularly Testosterone and Thyroid.

In order to understand how this work, you need to understand how calories are burned. When you eat a meal, all food converts to glucose (sugars). In order to eliminate and use this glucose cleanly and effectively it needs to enter the muscles, provide energy and then burn off. 

Testosterone is required for glucose to enter the muscles. If you have inadequate testosterone levels (see blog entry below about testosterone in men and women), you can not move glucose into muscles. This then puts the pressure on the pancreas to handle it.  The pancreas uses insulin to deal with glucose. This causes wide swings in sugars causing sugar cravings and weight gain.   The liver then gets involved and  converts glucose to fat.   All this can leads to pre-diabetes (insulin resistance), diabetes and other cardiovascular complications.

Testosterone is the KEY!!!!!!! 

This is why men tend to lose weight faster and easier than women.  They have more testosterone and more muscle mass.  Women you are not imaging this; we are biologically set up to keep weight on compared to men.

To make matters worse, testosterone is thyroids best friend. They hang out together and get in trouble together. Thyroid drives mother nature's metabolic engine of the body. Imagine when your thyroid is perfectly balanced your body is humming along like a Lexus hybrid coupe; running and burning fuel efficiently. If your thyroid gets going too much (Hyperthyroidism) it is like putting your body in  Formula One Race car mode; burning off fuel fast.  If your thyroid gets sluggish or starts to fail (Hypothyroidism), you become like a Pruis: burning fuel very slowly. If your testosterone is low, your thyroid will not function properly. This affects your metabolism and your ability to lose weight.

In clinical practice, we check your thyroid function through blood tests. Often times, the thyroid levels appear to be normal when it is not.  If your testosterone level is low, your thyroid blood values will not be accurately portrayed. You need proper testosterone levels before you can truly know the thyroid function. Unfortunately, most physicians, are not aware of this relationship and misinterpret the values.  This leads to them telling patients "your thyroid is normal" and in fact it may not be.  You need to listen to the patients' symptoms and watch the thyroid levels as the testosterone levels are replaced. Many times, we "unmask" a low thyroid state once the testosterone levels are normal. The patient was suffering from low thyroid for years and physicians didn't catch it; because they saw "normal" thyroid levels.

As you can see, you need to have proper testosterone and thyroid levels to lose weight and keep it off. If you haven't had your levels properly interpreted, you need to have your levels checked and PROPERLY evaluated.

Start 2011 with this gift to yourself...........your body will thank you for it!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Sexual Response Cycle in Women and Men

So let's talk about sex.......

There is so much myth and mystery surrounding sex and intimacy that the real truth gets buried.  This often leaves men and women feeling inadequate or abnormal. 

Every time I see a movie which shows a women having an orgasm within 10 seconds of stimulation I want to scream. (and not in that good way :0)  Really......most women are NOT wired this way. Men get the idea that they are doing something wrong and women feel pressured to feel something they are not in order to "feel normal".

So let's start with some basics:

1) Sexual expression if a normal and healthy part of human behavior.
2) Health Care Providers are not effective in speaking with their patients about sexuality.
3) Men and Women have different sexual response cycles.
4) Arousal and Desire are NOT the same thing.

Now that we have the bullet points, let me explain some biologic basics.

Men usually progress through progressive and sequential phases of sexual response. (as described by Masters and Johnson's, Human Sexual Response).  This means that first they feel desire, which stimulates excitement (arousal) which results in plateau of good feelings and then ultimately orgasm and resolution.  Seems pretty simple. 

Women, on the other hand, are much more complex (DUH).

Women exhibit a circular response which can either start with desire, sexual neutrality or arousal.  Early in a relationship it is more likely that a women will experience the desire for sex and may often initiate sex.  However, as the women proceeds into a long term relationship,  she moves into sexual neutrality: where a women is receptive to being sexual but does not initiate activity.  The desire for intimacy prompts her to seek ways to become sexually aroused via other stimuli, such as music, candles, erotic materials etc.
Once she is aroused, then the desire kicks in, leading to intimacy and/or orgasm.  This assumes that the goal for sexual activity is not necessarily orgasm but rather personal satisfaction which can either be physical and/or emotional connection.  WOW.....

So the bottom line is men start with desire which proceeds to arousal and women need arousal to proceed to desire.  What a Heterosexual Dilemma.

So men....those massages and flowers do work. Women need to feel sexy before they become sexy.

More info about this topic can be accessed via www.arhp.org

On the next post, I will review the so called norms in sexual excitement and orgasm.