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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Testosterone is NOT the new Viagra......

"Doc, I need testosterone for my mojo." I hear this every day in my practice. Which in "guy speak" means erectile dysfunction. Although testosterone is great for libido and "mojo," people often mistake testosterone as a viagra-like substance to aid in "getting it up".

However, Testosterone and erectile dysfunction drugs work in totally different ways and one may not work without the other.  So here are the facts:

Testosterone is like the foundation of a home.  It is needed to prime all the organ systems to work properly including mental clarity, glucose metabolism, fat burning, mood and ability to deal with stupid, libido and, oh yeah, those erections! Testosterone primes the tissues in the penis to aid in engorgement of the blood in the penis, nervous system response to stimulation and ability and strength of the orgasm. 

Viagra, and other erectile disorder drugs on the other hand are a vasodilator....in other words it allows for the penis to be able to engorge with blood property so that an erection is possible.

If a man's libido is low or he has an inability to obtain an erection, one should start with testosterone first.   An erectile dysfunction drug should only be used if the testosterone did not fix the issue, as then blood flow is likely an issue.

Blood flow problems usually result from smoking, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity and other things that cause damage to the arteries and veins.  And is usually occurs over years of damage.

In severe cases, even testosterone coupled with a drug like Viagra will not do the trick.  This is when penile injections (most men cringe at this thought but will do just about anything to "get it up") and pumps may be helpful.

Bottom line is......if you don't have your groove in the bedroom, talk to a doctor that specializes in testosterone replacement and has a good understanding that Viagra-like drugs are NOT the answer to everything.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Male MAN-opause

There’s no such thing as MAN-opause! Is there?!

With such an abundance of information in the media about menopause some might forget that men also undergo changes as they age, you might hear it described as “Man-opause” or more properly know as andropause. Since women are generally more vocal about medical issues there is more information available in the media about menopause and how to deal with the symptoms, however this is not a female exclusive problem…men’s bodies decline with aging also – shocking isn’t it?!

The term andropause refers to the testosterone decline men go through when their body gets to exceeding low levels of testosterone. It is called andropause because testosterone is an androgen, and androgens are male sex hormones. With decreasing amounts of circulating testosterone, the body responds by loosing energy, loosing muscle mass and sleep disturbances - in short a man feels worn down in every way.

The only way to truly replenish highly depleted levels of testosterone hormone is through hormone replacement therapy. Men have options when it comes to replacing testosterone such as testosterone cypionate injections, pellet insertions and testosterone cream (all of these treatments should be supervised by a physician). While these options may not permanently increase levels by maintaining long term treatment the old sense of well being will return.

So how can we help? All of you girlfriends, wives and friends need to take your male cohorts into a local clinic to have their hormone levels tested!! To learn more, please contact us or read more here.