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Sunday, September 9, 2012

VAGINA's 7000 vs PENIS' 0 ....and the vagina's are still losing

Now that I have your attention, let me bring some reality to this humor.  In 2012, did you know that we have over 7000 women in randomized placebo controlled studies to study new products/drugs for the treatments for sexual desire disorders in women (think low libido) as well as female pelvic dysfunction syndromes and to date the FDAhas not approved any of these in this country?  Testosterone helps with both of these medical problems and the only way we can get it for women is to compound it in a pharmacy or by using off label smaller amount of medications for men.  And to boot, many of the big pharma companies are trying to lobby the government to stop these pharmacies from doing so…..making these products unavailable to women.  This is outrageous!

Women in other countries have had access to approved products and we don’t.  Our country is light years behind other countries in women’s health issues and medications. And we are supposed to be the leaders in medicine. 
And what infuriates me even more…..did you know that men have numerous erectile dysfunction drugs (VIAGRA, CIALIS, LEVITRA) and tons of testosterone products in many forms (Testosterone cypionate injections, testim gel, androgel, testopel pellets…..to name a few) approved by the FDA.

And do you know how many randomized placebo controlled subjects in studies for these male products….Yup you guessed it ZERO.
So the reasoning behind the lack of female product approval.. .....They are worried the drugs will cause us adverse medical issues. Well none of the studies proved this.  The women showed only a small increase in acne and facial hair.  And most women did not discontinue the products due to this….as they felt much better. 

The male ED drugs can actually cause blindness, heart attacks and death.  Well at least they died blind and with an erection.
In a society where women are starting to outpace men in numbers in high leadership positions and having more with 6 figured salaries, we would think this would cause great alarm and a huge push to fix this.   The establishment has us off focus, because we still have to fight the fight on the birth control issue and who has the right to control our bodies……

Does anybody think we are in the 21st century?  It feels more like the middle ages.