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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


It is outrageous that we are still fighting the hormone fight on a badly designed study with flawed results. (WHI, 2002)
This “D” recommendation from another news story is coming from the organizations (USPTF) who gave a “D” recommendation about doing mammograms every other year after the age of 50.  
They are making a broad sweeping judgment based on only two medications (mind you I didn’t say bio-identical hormones which are NOT medications…they just replace what our bodies make. Meds treat illness)  Prempro and Premarin.  The 51 studies are largely based on follow up articles on the same WHI study being ruminated over. 
They are quoting inaccurate data because in 2009 even the WHI results were re-looked at with proper statistics and the Prempo arm showed neutral on breast cancer and a lowering of heart disease in women between the ages of 50-60. And the premarin arm showed a significant decrease in breast cancer by 23% and decrease in heart disease. 
Just last month the American College of Physicians (ACP) had an article in their journal about a large European study with over 1000 women at the appropriate age to start hormones (between 45-60) over 10 years a decrease of heart disease and heart failure/heart attack and NO increase in cancer. 
There are plenty of studies outside of the US that support using hormones for chronic illness protection.  However, this comes from hormones which are NON oral and bio-identical. 
Orals and synthetics DO cause increase clotting risk…..but even the worse of these DO NOT increase breast cancer. 
This study is OLD news and putting fuel on the fire to have women NEVER get hormones paid for by insurance companies.  It is complete gender bullsh*t! And it is hurting women.
Men get their erection drugs and hormones with NO questions asked…..what about women?  They have ZERO studies which are randomized placebo controlled studies and they get all preparations approved.  We have ONE BAD STUDY and millions of women on bio-identical now that have great data and we get NOTHING but terrible oral synthetic drugs approved or nothing at all.  We also have over 7000 women in placebo controlled randomized studies for our hormones and nothing!!



  1. Thank you! I read this same article and it made me see RED. I cannot live a quality life with out my bio-identical HRT, nor my awesome doctor. Thank you!

  2. I read your Q & A in the March 6 2013 Gilbert Republic and was very interested in the idea of bio-identical hormones. I had a hysterectomy 11 years ago, and took premarin, then estradiol, in decreasing quantities until a year ago when my ob-gyn said it was time to go cold turkey...yet my husband gets his testosterone shot every 2 weeks. I still have interest in sex but intercourse is painful and sometimes it's just "too much trouble"! I think I'm ready for a little risk in my life with new drugs, because there is not much "reward" without them. Any help in this regard would be appreciated!

  3. Stella, so sorry for the late reply - for some reason your comment was hidden. Menopause and its symptoms can be frustrating and debilitating. If you would like to learn more about the benefits bio-identical HRT, watch for our Hormonal Happy Hour series (May 30 at Maggiano's in Scottsdale from 6-8 pm) or call our office at 480.619.4097 to get on our schedule in Chandler. Look for us on Facebook - lots of information being shared every day. Hope to see you soon.